Carol Wisker

soft sculpture, woman rights, philadelphia fiber artist, soft power, we can't go back, female power, handmaids, election 2022,
Soft Power

deconstructed textiles, weaving, wrapping, braiding, cotton and acrylic on antique wooden eye glass display stand


6' x 4' x 3.5'

 horse scull, stop beating a dead horse, vote blue, give it a rest, political art, political fiber art, philadelphia fiber art
Rest, 2021

Horse scull, antique foot stool, cotton, fiber, rope, ribbon, paint, feathers

War in Ukraine, political art, Philadelphia contemporary artist, Philadelphia Sculpture, Fiber art , mixed media art,
Ukraine We Hear You

Acrylic fiber, metals, 1000+ earbuds, plastic, feathers

60" x  28 x 18"


Fiber art, mixed media, environmental art,  environmental emergency, climate change , Philadelphia contemporary art, Philadelphia sculpture,

Acrylic and cotton fibers felt, plastic, antique wooden machine part, 50's lamp parts, 40's hat decoration, wooden stand.paint

 78"x 24" x 24"