Sue McKee

Yellow Field

24 x 30 acrylic 


24  x 36 acrylic

Ireland Field

24 x 30 Acrylic

collage scape

collage and acrylic 

18 x 18

Purple Mountain

24 x 30 acrylic

Wicklow I

24  x 30  Acrylic 

Wicklow II

24 x 30 acrylic 

Maltese Falcon

Acrylic and collage

36 x 24

Susan McKee is the proprietor of Old City Flowers in the historic district of Philadelphia where her paintings are continually displayed. Susan is a contemporary artist working in The Mills Artist Studios in Manayunk and a proud member of The Muse Gallery. A working artist , Susan shows her work primarily in the tri -state region.  Because of the diverse and international audience that frequent Old City - An American Art place" her clients include those in the Philadelphia area, as close as New York and as far as Chile.

The Muse community is committed to continue to make art because we know it can heal and inspire hope. The gallery continues to be closed but we are showcasing the work of Sue McKee and Andrew Zimmerman during the month of July in Muse's window gallery so please stop by. If you would like more information or would like to see the art in person, please make an appointment with Sue.

solo exhibition: