Margaret Watson


Oil on canvas,  32" x 36"

Blue Eddy

Oil on canvas, 32" x 40"

Scored Glade
Scored Glade

 Acrylic on canvas, 20 X 24"

Lonely Cottage Road
Near Tazawako

My paintings depict landscapes that go beyond a traditional, representational perspective.  My inspiration comes from my surroundings and photographs I've taken from travels, but the paintings quickly move beyond any recognizable place or time.  

I think of my paintings as constructed not conceived.  The paintings are built up from one mark to the next, one color to the next, one shape to the next.  The layering is visible, hinting at the underlying process and the history of the mark-making.  The process of making the painting overrides any concern with what will be the final image.  I use different means of application - brushes, scrapers, rags, sponges, pouring, dripping - allowing accidents and chance the opportunity to influence the work and surprise me.