Margaret Watson

Boundbrook Road
Wednesday Snow
Rose Familiar
Hickory Creek

My work is based on landscape.  Rather than painting from a viewpoint of the deep, perspetival space of traditional landscapes, I use formal relationships between color and mark to explore a flatter, more abstract and conceptual space.   

Recently I have alternated painting on canvas with working on paper.  The paper work adds the element of cutting.  Making a cut is similar to drawing a line but one that is less controlled and personal.  The craft of cutting and pasting adds a sculptural dimension.  The juxtaposition of pre-painted paper fragments forms new, unpremeditated and spontaneous relationships.  I like re-purposing used materials, finding new meaning in previously discarded work.  

In both the paintings and paper pieces, my challenge is to keep an honest and open response to the mark-making allowing specificity and consideration but without calculation.