Zifeng Zang

Zifeng Zang
The Best Prayer in the World

59"x43", Mix Media on Canvas, 2022

Echo and Space

40"x46", Mix Media on Canvas, 2022

Zifeng Zang
Seeking Hope

30”x40”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2021


24”x30”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022

New Moon

30”x40”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2021

The Echo of the you

30”x60“, Mix Media on Canvas, 2021

Ripple Gleam

28”x21”, Mix Media on Canvas, 2022

Savoring the Taste of Spring

16"x60", Mix Media on Canvas, 2022

I started receiving art education at a very young age,  becoming a graphic designer and brand manager. When I realized I loved making art without using computer technology, I changed my direction towards fine art and study in the U.S., where I pursued my fascination with abstract art.

My inspiration comes from multiple sources, responses to nature, music, and life. The subjects are my current feelings about these. My paintings express the drama of color through mixing or the use of random, but controlled, application--not the accurate expression of a specific object. I am obsessed with the technique of pouring pigment over dry media! In my latest work, I explore results on a long-sided canvas, making an organized form inspired by a Chinese scroll, allowing viewers to appreciate the art as if they were reading a book.