Chris Wagner

Issoudun Marketplace - Fabrics

30 x 22   Watercolor 

Issoudun Marketplace - Zippers

30 x 22   Watercolor 

Monet's Interiors

16 x 6   Watercolor

Morning Walk in Giverny

30 x 22   Watercolor  

Issoudun Marketplace - Threads

30 x 22  Watercolor

Issoudun Marketplace -

22 x 30   Watercolor 

Monet's Cows #3

30 x 22  watercolor  3 of 3 in series 

Luncheon in Giverny

30 x 22   Watercolor 

Each of these watercolors tells a story. They recreate a memory or an emotion or a reaction to a place I have been. This storytelling has evolved from repetitive images within one painting, to related images in separate paintings, and finally multiple painted images within one picture. And, this repetition takes on both realistic and abstract forms. In the relationships within and between paintings, I’m exploring the notion of "like but different," and that which makes it different. Whether the differences are color changes, definition of shapes, or various snapshots in time, those variations and references all help tell the story. 

“Morning Walk in Giverny” represents both the inside and outside of the iron gates, while “Luncheon” engulfs you under red umbrellas as you look out into the bamboo forest. “Monet’s Cows” is an 8½ foot triptych which gives you a panoramic view of the pasture while at the same time allows each individual picture to stand on its own. My new watercolors are bold and unconventional and draw cross-parallels between images - thus creating the story.  However, there is room for interpretation, and my story does not have to be yours.

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