Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner
Wedding Dance

Watercolor 36" x 30"

Wedding Souvenir

 Watercolor  33 x 33


Watercolor 33 x 45


Watercolor  33 x 33

Stoneleigh Bloom

Watercolor  17 x 33


Watercolor  17 x 33

Deep Purple

 Watercolor 17 x 33

Foever Susan

 Watercolor 11 x 11

Each of these watercolors tells a story. They recreate a memory or an emotion or a reaction to a place I have been. This storytelling has evolved from repetitive images within one painting, to related images in separate paintings, and finally multiple painted images within one picture. And, this repetition takes on both realistic and abstract forms. In the relationships within and between paintings, I’m exploring the notion of "like but different," and that which makes it different. Whether the differences are color changes, definition of shapes, or various snapshots in time, those variations and references all help tell the story. 

All living things change with age, and we can easily observe the shifts that happen on the surface. But many of the changes occur subtly, beneath the surface, only revealed as the exterior fades and morphs. Recently I have  explored those structures, investigating their form, and capturing the passage of time through the changes that emerge when you slow down and look more deeply.


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