Rashidah Salam

Pearls Collar

Pearls strands collar with crocheted olive leaves and hand stitched flowers.


Olive leaves as symbol of peace, victory and hope.

Caterpillar Necklace


Full Shoulder: 13”
Front Length: 22”

Media: Crocheted and handstitched transparent olive flowers wrapped in tulle fabrics with moving coconut shells beads at the center of the flower, metal beads, leather string wrapped partially in satin.


The Caterpillar neklace is to memorize the last time I spent with my late sister at the rainforest waterfall park back home in Malaysia.

‘PreElude’ means a new beginning to attain something desired or pursued that was failed to be attained by (someone).

This series of works is a memorial piece. The flowers and olive leaf motifs are created into three-dimensional sculptural and wearable flowers. I created the Pearls Collar, bibs, necklace and shawl as a complete clothing attire.

Hand stitch, crochet and quilt techniques are used to create the flowers using cotton wool yarns and tulle fabrics for the transparency effect. The center of the flowers is filled with coconut shells beads to bring back the nostalgic memories of my childhood background.  

This also to honor those who has passed.


Guest artist, Juan Bacote is a full-time photographer born and raised in Philadelphia in the Germantown area. The major influence in his photography was Gordon Parks. He captures the beauty of the scenery along with the abandoned and neglected areas of Philadelphia.

solo exhibition: