Diane Lachman

Three Steps by Diane Lachman
Three Steps

24" x 12" x 1" , acrylic on three panels

Diane Lachman
Wanderlust 1

Acrylic on panel, 12" x 9"

Aftershock by Diane Lachman

Acrylic on Three panels, 7" x 9"



19.5" X 23", oil on panels

10" x 10"
Iceland Blue

Acrylic on Panel, 10" x 10"

Diane Lachman
Step Up

Acrylic on 3 panels, 14” x 13”

Diane Lachman
Lingering Sunset

Oil on 11 panels, 27” x 44” 

Diane Lachman, Summer

oil on panels  30" x 24"





Full Spectrum is an exhibition of works in which Diane Lachman searches for a way to reconcile opposing forces in life and nature: rhythm and order, control and surprise, clarity and mystery. She seeks to discover equilibrium by making connections between color, form, and meaning.  

Although influenced by her observations in nature, Bauhaus teachings, ancient architecture, textiles, and exceptional artwork from all over the world, color itself remains her primary source of inspiration. Lachman’s years of experience studying and teaching color theory complement and inform her intuitive approach to visual communication in painting. Geometric forms provide the structure for infinite and inventive relationships. These shapes allow her to emphasize the expressive power of color.


solo exhibition: