Bonnie Mettler

Floating: Happy

Oil on canvas. 25" x 19"

Floating: Berries

Oil on canvas. 12" x 12"

Floating: Pine

Oil on panel. 12" x 12"

Floating: Grasses
Floating: Reflections

Oil on panel. 12" x 12"

Floating: Sky

Oil on panel. 24" x 30"

Floating: Cosmos

Oil on panel. 30" x 30"

Floating: Going Out, detail

Oil on panel. 24" x 75"

A great blue heron floated out of the marsh toward the Chesapeake Bay in Yorktown, Virginia. My brother watched ... until he could not. In effortless flight the heron returned home. Gary died that evening.

Death is harsh. I watched as my beloved brother floated toward death. Losing water, losing mass until finally he was gone. Floated away.

This exhibit is a meditation on floating as a way of losing consciousness ... permanently and temporarily. Floating is sometimes a salve.

"Floating: Happy" Ann loses herself into laughter and a glass of wine.

solo exhibition: