Jesus Saves

13x26 inches 2022, synthetic braiding hair and chicken wire

Inspired by the Dogan Kanagu mask. A mask which was worn during funeral ceremonies with a goal to create safe passage of the souls of late family members. The top structure was known to be a symbol the Gods. Hair has been known to be our communication to and from the Gods , as it is the highest point on out bodies. Black hair prior to slavery, represented many things one being an individuals religion. Black hair has also played a roll in churches; many only allowed in if they could pass the comb or brown paper bag test. With this piece, I aimed to intertwine and question the ideals of hair in relation to religion/the church. Thinking of how even today many schools (most Catholic) still have “Eurocentric” grooming policies; thinking of the 2019 case of Jediah Batts. I also thought of how during slavery we only really prepared our hair for church on Sundays; which made me think of Easter Sundays ,even to date.