April 2
May 2, 2021
The gallery will be open Thursday thru Sunday from 12 - 5.
The artist will be in the gallery every Saturday, plus additional days.
Private appointments are available.
Please contact the artist:   Instagram @terrifridkin_art


Color can be powerful when it defines, enhances, and unites to create and occupy space.  
A bold palette, balanced structure and uncluttered compositions are core values in my abstract work. 
In Double_Space my non-objective works consist of two different mediums; mixed media
prints and carved painted wall objects.  Both originate from printmaking and celebrate the uplifting
nature that color and shape can bring to our lives. They are focused on saturated color with a strong 
connection to architecture.  This reflects my minimal sensibility and embraces my gravitation 
towards order. These aesthetics provide a sense of harmony to counteract and reduce the uncertainty
and noise in our society today.