Garden Joy

June 1
June 26, 2022
Artist Reception: 
Saturday, June 18, 2022
1 - 3pm

Open Wednesday thru Sunday, Noon to 5pm

Open Hours: 
Open Wednesday thru Sunday, Noon to 5pm
First Friday: 
Friday, June 3, 2022
5 - 8pm

My art is driven by the pursuit of attaining a desired effect. A new work begins by conceptualizing an instruction manual, mentally adding and dissecting the forms and colors. The progression of assembling, layering, and integrating either simple or intricate designs follows specific orders or patterns to create elegant forms.

My work comes from comparing design from other cultures to design practices from own experience as an immigrant from Malaysia. I present layers of patterns and color sculpturally--thinking in three-dimensions--amalgamating the uses of textiles and architectural features encountered by me in the past and in my more recent travels and research.