A Voice In The Wilderness

September 30
November 1, 2020

Hours by appointment only.  Please text or call the artist at 610-662-4177 for inquiries or to make arrangements to visit the gallery.

This series combines painting with drawing, using lines and scribble.  It focuses on a moment in time in a fantasy landscape.  The quality of looking and paying attention to small details in nature that are generally ignored is the subject of my work.  The energy and uniqueness of each work’s small scene is portrayed by a variety of lines and painting marks.  The paintings ask the viewer if they are truly awake in the current moment.  Does the viewer see the small scene going on around them?

Each work is executed in a very abstract way to reframe the viewer’s attention to the liveliness and movement of the moment being played out.  I think of my work as calming but also full of life and motion.