June 2
June 27, 2021
Jean Plough
Gallery Hours: Thursday- Sunday 12 - 5 or by appointment.
Website: jeanplough.com
Instagram @jeanplough
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First Friday: 
Friday, June 4, 2021
5 - 8pm

During the pandemic, I spent time each day outside looking up at the sky. Clouds appeared and then were gone. Sunlight moved, and light changed from moment to moment. Everything was transitory, and couldn’t be held on to. Afterwards, I often experienced a feeling of wellbeing, and I would begin a painting.

Ephemera comes from the Greek word ephemeros. It means something that exists for a short period of time, or occurs only once. These paintings represent something fleeting and elusive. My technique was playful. I used existing shapes and textures. An expressive raw line quality was also important.

During this year of social isolation, I often felt raw, and I experienced deeply the impermanence of many things, and I became more aware of the simplicity of nature, sight, sound, and color.