Second Look

June 3
June 28, 2020

I tend to notice splotches, notches, blobs, crevasses, cracks and stains that permeate the streets. They make me stop and take a second look. Their random designs and haphazard spread fascinate me. They speak to me. They are begging me to stay for a second so that they can tell me their story. There is a certain sadness to the designs that I see left behind on sidewalks and walls. It’s true that I don’t notice every stain on the ground but, the ones I do notice are usually in places that have significance in my life. My work is rooted in these designs. I will photograph them and use them as the foundation for my work. As soon as they are projected onto a canvas and given color, these remnants are provided with the opportunity to become new again; to be seen and heard.