Suburban Wild

August 6
August 30, 2020
Bonnie Mettler

The Gallery continues to be closed this month. 

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People plant flowers and bushes on their land that butterflies need to feed on, but seldom plant what their caterpillars need to eat. It is like feeding the adults in our families but not feeding the children. 
Our small plots of land are tiny nature preserves. I share my 1/8 of an acre with foxes, chipmunks, rabbits, goldfinches, caterpillars, garter snakes, and the occasional coyote. If I plant native plants, there is food for them to eat. If I don't use fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides they live. We are the park supervisors.

This show is created by four related artists: Bonnie Mettler: daughters, Ky Mettler and Brett Mettler; and niece Maisie Osteen.