Promise Garden

MUSE Gallery will be closed from March 13th through March 31st

 We are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the health of our patrons, visitors and the members of our cooperative gallery.

This is a challenging time in our community and we want to continue to inspire and share the power of art with our exhibitions. 
Our exhibition continues to be open by appointment.
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February 5
March 1, 2020
First Friday: 
Friday, February 7, 2020
5 - 8pm
Visit the solemn and mesmerizing sanctuary of my garden series. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Let yourself be immersed and engulfed in the beautiful world that I have envisioned and created for you. Step away from the reality and the harsh cruel world. Stay as long as you wish, replenish your heart and mind and leave happy. This my memorial garden. A memorial Promise Garden is dedicated to all beautiful souls regardless of which world you’re living. Allow me to honor the garden to my beloved little sister who suddenly passed two months ago. This is my love, my goodbye, as I was not able to see her for the last time, to hold her hand, to kiss her forehead, to say my goodbye. But memories remain in my heart everlastingly. I dedicate the garden to you and your loved ones.
“If light is in your heart, you’ll find your way home”.