MUSE Gallery will be closed from March 13th through March 31st

 We are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the health of our patrons, visitors and the members of our cooperative gallery.

This is a challenging time in our community and we want to continue to inspire and share the power of art with our exhibitions. 
Our exhibition continues to be open by appointment.
Contact Martha Hope Carey - martha@anothermoon.org
January 1
February 2, 2020
Deann Mills
Artist Reception: 
Saturday, January 11, 2020
First Friday: 
Friday, January 3, 2020
As a painter, my primary motivation is to create something I have never seen before. This continual push to find expression, surprise, and delight with wax on wood and paint on canvas is what powers my work. Color, line, shapes, layers, transparency, and even mistakes are all language I use, all elements that make a painting interesting and unique. I delight in melting the wax, moving it quickly across the wood panels, fusing the wax with a blowtorch, scraping and carving the wax, and drawing with wax pencils. Equally wonderful is feeling oil paint move on canvas, using a palette knife, a brush, oil sticks, spatulas, and other odd tools.
This past year, I learned encaustic painting, an ancient technique of painting with hot wax.  My summer was spent painting in my old barn on the coast of Maine.  It was all a wonderland.