Madelaine Shellaby

Moths to Light

digitally produced print


digitally produced print


digitally produced print


graphite drawing

four wings

graphite drawing

Nemesis afer Durer

graphite drawing


hydrocal bust


oil paint on panel

Shellaby works in multiple mediums, as demonstrated most recently in digital images which connect her drawings, painting, ceramic work and photography.

Shellaby has exhibited in California, Louisiana and New Jersey; been an Artist-in-Residence at the Headlands Center for Art, California; Virginia Center for the Creative Arts; Skidmore College program for artist/teachers;  the American School in Switzerland, France. She received three NJ State Council fellowship grants, and an NEH grant on Himalaya culture, Holy Cross College.

Shellaby taught college and high school; coordinated museum art education programs; curated for two galleries; been a docent at the Rubin Museum, New York City; co-founded KONEKTE, supporting educational initiatives in Haiti.