Jean Broden

cityscapes, street scenes, buildings, bridges, transportation, houses, realism
The Ben

 This 16" x 20" oil painting focuses on the hustle and bustle of city life.  Included in the image are a regular street, a highway, a bridge, and the elvated subway all intersecting as ways for anyone to get anywhere.

vintage, realism, still life, mid-century modern
Penguin Pairing

16" x 16" oil painting.  This mid-century gem has been a part of my family for decades. I love the reflections gathered into it.

cityscapes, street scenes, buildings, realism
Main St, Manayunk

18" x 24" oil painting in a re-purposed wood frame.  This piece tries to capture the life and vibrancy found in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia.

vintage, realism, still life

11" x 14" oil painting. Available unframed or in a light oak, handcrafted shadowbox frame. This image is focused on the beauty of simplicity found in the past.

cityscapes, street scenes, buildins, houses, realism
Hope & Norris

22"x 28" oil painting. Available unframed or in a white recycled window trim frame. This painting addresses the changes that gentrification creates in old neighborhoods.

vintage, realism, still life
Black Desktop

12" x 16" oil painting. Available unframed or in a classic dark brown handcrafted frame.  This oainting is about celebrating the beauty of design objects of the past.

cityscapes, street scenes, buildings, realism
Willow Street Steam Plant

This is a 16" x 20" oil on canvas painting.  The subject is an abandoned steam plant at 9th and Willow Streets in Philadelphia.  The painting is available unframed or in a handcrafted, reclaimed wood frame. Pictures with frame available upon request. 

vintage, realism, still life

16" x 16" oil painting. Available unframed or in a classic, dark wood handcrafted frame. This painting was a sink into the reflctions of stainless steel experience.

I am a contemporary realist painter with a focus on the old, the overlooked, and the under-appreciated beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives.  My desire is to get viewers to notice more about the ordinary places and things that they interact with each day; to see them in a new way.